Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeding our Families: Real Food for Real Kids

Oh, where do I start? First, a confession: When my firstborn was a toddler, you might have found him standing by the back door watching the squirrels while eating directly out of the Cap’n Crunch cereal box. That is where I came from. I didn’t see the point of organic and believed in the ultimate goodness of the food manufacturers – “if they’re selling it in our grocery stores, it must be fine for us to eat, right?!” Unfortunately, I was sorely mistaken! If you need more convincing check out the new movie, "Food, Inc" or the book by Robin O'Brien "The Unhealthy Truth".

My journey into understanding the importance of food started when my youngest was born. He basically screamed for 2 months non-stop. He had a red rash all over his neck and face. He wanted to nurse constantly and in between would just scream. I knew something was wrong. One day at the Coffee Park, my wonderful friend, Chele, suggested that maybe I should try cutting out milk products from my diet…perhaps it was bugging him. I was desperate for relief and immediately read up on milk intolerance in babies and eliminated cow’s milk and soy from my diet. Joshy miraculously stopped screaming and his skin cleared up. Hallelujah! Any tiny infraction would send him into screaming fits of pain for a day.
A few months later, while researching natural treatments for ADHD for my oldest son, I found the Feingold Association and the negative effect that artificial ingredients has on most children, but especially those with ADHD. I now see clearly that what is sold in our grocery stores is often FAR from what nature intended. I am now a picky shopper and we do not eat artificial colors, flavors or preservatives (made from petroleum or crude oil) and I buy as much organic as I can afford. I believe that I am protecting my family from cancer-causing junk as well as helping their brains work more efficiently. There is always more I could do to make healthy choices, but there are only so many hours in a day and so many pennies in the pocketbook:)

So, moms, this is our place to share all our little secrets about how we provide healthy, delicious food for our family. It's easy to get stuck in a come here and get inspired with a few new recipes and maybe some new ideas for how to shop and cook well. Post your ideas as comments below. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all that it's possible to feed our kids the good stuff without breaking the bank, or our brains!