Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caesar Salad - Oh Yum!

This is our new favorite. Camden takes it to school for lunch twice a week. Thanks to Jen Arnold for passing along her recipe. I make the dressing in bulk so I usually have some on hand. It's also a great salad to take to a party because most people like it and you can premix it and it's easy to serve on the buffet line.

Caesar Salad

1. Wash and tear up 1-3 heads of Romaine Lettuce. (try to use organic since lettuce soaks up those pesticides!)
2. Grate your own parmesan cheese. It's so much yummier and avoids the artificial preservatives often used in the pre-grated stuff. This is where the food processor comes in very, very handy!
3. In a mixing bowl, combine with a whisk:

3 cloves minced garlic (I often grate it on my handheld cheese grater)
¾ cup mayo
3 T Parmesan cheese
½ tsp Worcestershire sauce (stage 2 FG)
½ tsp Dijon mustard
1 T lemon juice (try to use fresh squeezed or 100% lemon juice, nothing added)
Salt & pepper

4. Put a dollop of dressing on your romaine and mix, keep adding dressing until it looks right to you. Sprinkle in some more parmesan cheese.

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