Monday, June 20, 2011

Deals this week

So, I've started getting the Sunday paper and making a list for each local store and what is on sale where. I know this is baby stuff in the couponing world, but I have just been a loyal Publix customer for the past couple years and only would buy what was on sale there...basically ignoring the other stores. But, I'm enjoying the game of finding the cheapest of everything now. I only pay attention to things my family would eat, so I will not list any other deals that may be out there. And this is just my personal list of what I need this week. I am pretty stocked on staple items from previous sales.

strawberries $1.29/lb
cantaloupe $.99 each
plums, nectarines & peaches $.35/each
and I've recently discovered these two things my family loves
at Aldi to satisfy their sweet tooth without me having to turn the oven on:
homestyle chocolate chip cookies $1.99
assorted mini candy bars with real vanilla flavoring! $1.99

pineapple $2.50
asparagus $2.49
Silverbrite Salmon $4.99/lb
Hebrew National dogs B1G1
Lays chips $1.99

So Delicious coconut milk B1G1
Vans frozen organic waffles 2/$5
Springer Mountain Farms organic chicken breasts 24 oz/$6.48 ($4.32/lb)

Publix (only good through Wed 6/22)
Kozy Shack puddings B1G1
Breyers ice cream B1G1
and so happy that Publix now carries bags of Yummy Earth gummi worms up near the registers. Go Publix!

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