Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glazed Donuts

Well, it's the last two weeks before school starts and I am enjoying some great time at home with the kids. We made these delicious glazed donuts yesterday and sprinkled them with Let's Do Organic sprinkles. The glaze was very, very good. I added some cocoa powder to half of it, so some were chocolate glazed. And the holes I put in a brown paper bag with some powdered sugar while still hot and shook them so they were coated. Then, I put some glaze in a plastic bottle with a nozzle and squirted the glaze inside some of the donut holes. I decided to make them extra special since I don't let the kids get donuts out ever, so they deserved an extra shot of frosting in their homemade donut holes! Ha! I have a nifty donut cutter that I got at a kitchen outlet store in TN. That made them super easy to make too. And I got to teach the kids about what yeast is & how it works. Thanks, Paula Deen!

Here is a not-so-pretty pic of our donuts.

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